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A bride holding wedding flowers at the door of a churchLooking for a top-quality wedding florist near you?

Planning a wedding is both an exciting and stressful time. Between booking a venue, selecting clothes, seating plans and catering, it can sometimes be challenging to find a minute to stop and enjoy the process.

At Lorna Davies Florists, we aim to make selecting your wedding floral designs as smooth and stress-free as possible. With so many types, colours and options to choose from, we understand that deciding on your arrangements can be overwhelming. What should be a fun and creative process turns into something daunting and time-consuming.

But don’t worry; we are here to help.

As one of Perth's most well-established florists, Lorna Davies Florists has had the pleasure of brightening up countless weddings of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your vision is, we feel confident that we can create stunning floral arrangements that uniquely reflect you and your partner. Our flowers are always high quality and beautifully designed to last.

Stunning floral design unique to you

At Lorna Davies Florist, we know that your wedding day is all about celebrating who you and your partner are. Every relationship is unique, and so every ceremony is going to be different. 

If you’re looking for a florist for your wedding who is dedicated to reflecting both of your individual styles and personalities, look no further. We relish the challenge of creating the perfect arrangements catered especially for you.

You’re safe in the hands of our Wedding Consult Team


Wedding Consult | Lorna Davies Florist


Our expert team has had many years of experience arranging for weddings and is always here to offer advice and lend a friendly hand

Our previous wedding plans have covered the full range of floral options. These commonly include:

  • Bridal bouquets (Hand-tied Bouquet, Shower Bouquet, Posies etc.) 
  • Bridesmaids (Hand-tied Bouquet, Shower Bouquet, Posies etc.) 
  • Groom (Buttonhole) 
  • Groomsmen (Buttonhole) 
  • Wedding Party Corsages (Outfit Corsages, Bag Corsages, Wrist Corsages, Hair Flowers etc.) 
  • Guest Corsages (Outfit Corsages, Bag Corsages, Wrist Corsages, Hair Flowers etc.) 
  • Church Arrangements (Outside: Flower Arrangements, Arches; Inside: Pedestals, Pew Ends, Flower Arrangements, Altar Arrangements) 
  • Wedding Venue (Table centrepieces, Flower Arrangements, Lanterns, Trees etc.) 
  • Cars (Outside: Front of car ribbons; Inside: Floral Arrangements) 
  • Thank You Bouquets 

However, this is by no means an exhaustive list. We always work on a client-by-client basis, and whatever your specific needs, we can tailor our wedding flower packages to your liking.


Summer Wedding: A bride and her bridal bouquet What can you expect from Lorna Davies Florist?

After our initial contact, we will arrange a consultation appointment. This is to learn a bit more about you and your partner and discuss how we can best provide support. We will pay close attention to your visions and plans and will be able to discuss some options with you.

This consultation is often scheduled in our shop; however, we are also available for remote meetings for those unable to attend in person.

Some of the questions we might ask include:

  • What is your vision for your wedding?
  • What are your ideas and plans?
  • What is the size of the wedding party? 
  • Where is the location, and what is the venue? 
  • When is your wedding day?
  • Where are people travelling from? 

These questions are designed so that we can fully understand how best to cater to your situation. For example, if you are taking your flowers further afield, we can advise on transportation, or you require us to liaise directly with the venue.

Contact us today and organise your initial consultation.




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