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Our wedding advisors can guide you through each step in the process.

As one of Perth's longest established florists, our team have had the pleasure of looking after many wedding parties from very large to very intimate.

Wedding plans in the past have covered the full range of floral options, these can vary hugely but will normally include:

  • Bride (Hand tied Bouquet, Shower Bouquet, Posies,...)
  • Bridesmaids (Hand tied Bouquet, Shower Bouquet, Posies,...)
  • Groom (Button hole) 
  • Groomsmen (Button hole) 
  • Wedding Party Corsages (Outfit Corsages, Bag Corsages, Wrist Corsages, Hair Flowers, ...) 
  • Guest Corsages  (Outfit Corsages, Bag Corsages, Wrist Corsages, Hair Flowers, ...) 
  • Church Arrangements (Outside: Flower Arrangements, Arches; Inside: Pedestals, Pew Ends, Flower Arrangements, Altar Arrangements)
  • Venue (Table centre pieces, Flower Arrangements, Lanterns, Trees, ...)
  • Cars (Outside: Front of car ribbons; Inside: Floral Arrangements) 
  • Thank You Bouquets

Over the years each of our experienced team have been able to tailor many Wedding Flower Packages to each Bride's specifications.



Summer WeddingWhat can you expect from Lorna Davies Florist?

From your initial contact we will arrange for a consultation appointment where you will have our undivided attention. Much as we normally see the Bride in our shop we are also able to look after Bride's who are travelling to Scotland.

During our consultation we will discuss your wedding plans and how we can best support you. Typically we will ask the following, however depending on how you wish the event to run this can vary hugely:

  • What are your ideas and plans, is there a theme? Given our experience we have been able to provide guidance on many different scenarios. The most important point for us though is that we fully understand how we can best support you.
  • What is the size of the wedding party?
  • What is the Location/Venue?
  • When is your wedding?
  • Where are people travelling from?
  • If you are travelling further afield? If you are taking your flowers further afield then we can provide advice on transportation.

We want you to enjoy your day fully so it's normal for us, should you wish us to liaise with the Church and Venue for returning those necessary items.


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